Friendship Week in the Nursery

Posted: 21st November 2017

An important lesson to learn

When there are whole school activities and themes the Nursery are definitely not missed out!  Here, Miss Honeyman, Nursery Teacher, demonstrates how the latest events in the Nursery echo all that is going on in the rest of St Augustine’s Priory:

‘To complement Anti-bullying Week held last week, the Nursery’s focus has been on friendship. During circle time we discussed with the children what being a good friend meant. The children decided being “kind” was a very important quality in a good friend! To develop this further we recognised the children’s acts of kindness towards each other by crowning a daily Kindness King or Queen!


As the week progressed the children explored how kindness can affect emotions and the older children sent “kindness mail” to each other.

We also began to record the children’s acts of kindness on to paper hearts for display, some examples are:

“Anaahi helped her friend to button up her coat”,
“Rayan drew a picture for his friend”,
“Katherine cheered a friend up by giving her a hug”,
“Renessa gave half her playdough to a friend who had none”.

To round off the week, the children exchanged handmade friendship bracelets.  It was a brilliant week – the social and emotional learning which has taken place is invaluable.

Childhood friendships are memories to be treasured forever.’

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