Macbeth at the Watermans Arts Centre

Posted: 16th November 2017

Each Autumn nearly 30,000 young people from primary, secondary and special schools across the country unite in the world’s largest youth drama festival, the Shakespeare Schools Festival. Months of preparation culminate in exhilarating performance evenings; young people playing Shakespeare in professional theatres, raising aspirations and unlocking the potential of students and teachers alike.  Last night, St Augustine’s staged Macbeth at Watermans Arts Centre, with a cast and crew comprising thirty girls from Upper II to Lower VI from our Drama Gifted Pathway.  Ms Hagerty directed the show, with Nell Dobson (Upper V) as Assistant Director, Naomi Jeffries (Lower V) as Stage Manager, Maggie Amos (Lower IV) as Deputy Stage Manager, Anousia Strange (Lower IV) as Choreographer, Sofia Duffy (Form III) as Music and Sound Director and Lizzy Higham (Lower V) as Costume and Props Designer.  The performance was a creative triumph thanks to the dedication and talent of the St Augustine’s troupe. This collaboration has been the first of what we hope will be many successful Drama Gifted Pathway projects in conjunction with Priory Players, our Priory 6 theatre company.

Sofia Duffy of Form IIIA tells us about her experience as Music Director for the Drama Gifted Pathway’s production of Macbeth:

“During this amazing production of Macbeth, I have learnt that getting a crew member job isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is great fun. I have learnt that if you are chosen to have a job, you have a responsibility and have to commit to that job. You have to be confident enough to put forward your ideas and, even if your ideas might not be great, they can act as a starting point which your cast and crew can help develop.

What I have enjoyed the most is helping to develop the play and watching it become what it is today. We have all had fun, and we laugh when one little mistake leads to a great idea that gets worked into the play. I have also enjoyed getting to know the whole crew, all the cast and getting to work with the older girls and Ms Hagerty.

I really enjoyed exploring and searching for music and sound effects to be used in the play such as thunder and dramatic music. I have been amazed at all the effort and teamwork that all the crew and cast have put into the play. We have had to jump over obstacles such as filling in for people who were absent and sorting out lighting and music cues. The standard of the acting skills has also been amazing.

I am looking forward to the big night of the show on Thursday 16th November and seeing everyone in their costumes with the music and the lighting accompanying the whole production. The Drama Gifted Pathway is an amazing opportunity to show your acting to the highest level and having the opportunity to be involved with the big productions of the school. The Drama Gifted Pathway can also help you develop your acting skills to become a better actor.

I am looking forward to the future productions that we will have. I can’t wait for the big production, for which I plan to audition for an acting role. I would love to thank Ms Hagerty for choosing me to be the Music Director, it has truly been an amazing experience and I would like to also thank the crew for listening to my ideas and incorporating them into the play. I feel really proud of being part of such a wonderful production and I cannot wait for the next one.”

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