Nursery and Preps mark anniversaries

Posted: 15th November 2017


Last weekend saw two days of note, Armistice Day on Saturday 11th November, marking the anniversary of the end of the First World War, followed by Remembrance Day on Sunday 12th November when services and ceremonies were held throughout the U.K. to remember and pray for those who fell in the two world wars and in other conflicts.

Poppies are a potent symbol of these two days and our Nursery and Preps I, II and III were no exception when it came to marking the events.  Mrs Morris, Nursery teacher, reports:

‘The Nursery, Preps l, ll and lll joined together for a short Remembrance Service in the Prayer Garden on Friday 10th November.

Each child had made a large poppy and we gathered in the Prep Playground to walk in silence together to the Prayer Garden.  Once there we stood side by side while Mrs Lubowiecka, Form Teacher Prep III, explained why we were there and what the poppies represented.  After this, we then all said a short prayer together:

Poppy, poppy what do you say?

Wear me on Remembrance Day

Poppy, poppy what do you tell?

Many soldiers in battle fell

Poppy, poppy what should we know?

That peace on earth should

Grow, grow, grow.

We then listened to the ‘Last Post’ before each child planted their poppy in the flower beds.’

The events that our Nursery and Preps marked happened a very long time before they were born, but their prayers joined with those of millions of others for all those who had suffered and died in conflicts throughout the world.


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