Prep III travel with Barnaby Bear

Posted: 20th October 2017

A visit to the Amersham Field Centre

Learning about Geography and the natural world takes many forms.  Whether you are studying a map, learning about the tides and the shoreline, analysing the imports and exports of a given country or examining population distribution, it is important to retain the sense of discovery and excitement that learning about our planet stimulates.


Prep III are beginning their lifelong journey of discovery and a stage in this journey was reached this week when they  travelled to the Amersham Field Centre.  Their teachers explain…


‘On Monday 16th October Prep III arrived at the Amersham Field Centre accompanied by their teddy bears to extend and consolidate their learning in our Geography topic – ‘Around the world with Barnaby Bear’.  First of all they helped to pack Barnaby’s rucksack and to plan a route through the forest.  Next, they used their maps and a compass to navigate their way to the activities Barnaby had planned for them.


The first stop was bug hunting and the girls were delighted to find lots of spiders, worms and woodlice on the forest floor. They then found a magic hat in a clearing where they had to sit in silence and draw or write what they heard.


On the way back to the centre for lunch they collected materials for their artist’s palette. After lunch the girls split into 4 groups  and they  hiked to a different part of the forest where they made shelters for their teddy bears.


Competition among the groups (and group leaders!) was fierce but Barnaby agreed all the shelters the girls had made were wonderful.  We had an exciting day!’





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