Lower IV’s musical theatre visit

Posted: 13th October 2017

Enthusiasm for ‘School of Rock’

Thursday 28th September saw Lower IV broaden their theatrical experience with a visit to see ‘School of Rock’.  Vaisavi Kumaraverl, Lower IV Alpha, reports:

‘School Of Rock’ was an incredible production that I was fortunate enough to witness at the New London Theatre. I loved the musical, especially because of the upbeat songs such as ‘Stick it to the Man’ and these made me sing along and I enjoyed every moment.  Every actor in this musical was very confident and engaged the audience very well, specifically the pupils of Horus Green. I particularly liked the part when they sang at the Battle of the Bands because this was where you could really see how well they can play their instruments live and sing as a whole cast. I also loved the scene where Tomicka, a Horus Green pupil, sang Amazing Grace beautifully and elegantly.

There are many morals in this play – such as if you are determined to do something you will succeed. The costumes were really fun and crazy and there is not one scene where you didn’t laugh as the actors made a joke out of every sad moment.  Overall, I recommend this musical as it was excellent and fantastic!’

Daisy Morris, Lower IV Alpha, continues, ‘After three weeks back at school, my year group was delighted to be going to see the West End production of School of Rock, as our first theatre visit of the year. Unlike our Form III theatre visit, we took the tube and were filled with excitement as we travelled to the theatre. On arrival, we took much pleasure in discovering our seats which were dead centre, and we prepared to watch the incredible show. School of Rock started with an exhilarating opening scene which included a band performance which showcased the incredible music that was performed brilliantly throughout.

The staging and set were very convincing and realistic and complemented the choreography that was excellently performed by the astounding young actors and musicians.  Some of my favourite scenes included when the children performed their rock pieces, when the meaning of rock was explained, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the songs – I am still singing them today! This amazing performance ended with a memorable closing song and competition. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the outstanding performance of School of Rock, and I thank our school’s amazing Drama Department for such an incredible evening.’

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