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Posted: 28th September 2017

Modern Languages Department leads the way

We are delighted to announce that the Modern Languages Department’s Latin American handicraft sale on Friday 22nd September to raise money to sponsor a primary school pupil in Latin America was a great success, raising £165, a great step towards the goal of £450 which will cover a primary school education scholarship for one year.

Mrs De Lahitte, Modern Languages Department, said, ‘Special thanks must go to the Priory 6 Spanish students for their invaluable help in running the sale and to everybody who supported it.  This is the first of a few fundraising events we will run to sponsor an Argentinian primary school pupil from a deprived background with an annual scholarship (through Fundación Anpuy) to remain in education.’

It was two weeks ago we reported on the Modern Languages Department’s initiative to change the life of a pupil in Latin America.   Mrs De Lahitte said, ‘ANPUY, in the aboriginal language of The Andes (Quechua), means ‘Helping each other’. Through receiving an economic grant the pupil we sponsor will be able to continue their education without having to worry about earning a living at the same time.’

To discover more about Fundación Anpuy, please visit their website at

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