Modern Languages with a mission

Posted: 15th September 2017

Game-changing initiative

Mrs De Lahitte, Modern Languages Department, reports on the department’s initiative to change the life of a pupil in Latin America.  She reports, ‘At St Augustine’s Priory we have the privilege of receiving a solid education and the opportunity to learn the Spanish language and culture, among many others.

However, many Spanish speakers in the world do not have the same possibilities.

The Modern Languages Department at St Augustine’s Priory has decided to change the game!

We will be doing this by sponsoring an Argentinian primary school pupil from a deprived background. We will be doing this through Fundación Anpuy, an organisation founded by a group of parents and professionals in 1995 in the Argentine city of Salta.

ANPUY, in the aboriginal language of The Andes (Quechua)*, means ‘Helping each other,’ which defines the spirit of the organisation.

Through receiving an economic grant the pupil we sponsor will be able to continue their education without having to worry about earning a living at the same time.’

Augustinians will have the opportunity to support this initiative by purchasing Latin American handicrafts at little break on Friday 22nd September.

To discover more about Fundación Anpuy, please go to their website at

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