Entering the Seniors: a look back at Form III

Posted: 4th September 2017

 A view from Lower IV

Entering Senior school is an exciting, challenging and, sometimes, slightly daunting prospect.  Whether you have been at a school since you were four years old or just starting out in the Seniors, it is really helpful to hear how others have fared.

Here, Daisy Morris, who is now in Lower IV Alpha, tells us about her experience at St Augustine’s Priory, which she joined in September 2016 in Form III, the first year of Seniors.  This is a must-read for any pupil entering Form III this year!

“I joined St Augustine’s Priory in September 2016 in Form III Alpha. Everything was new to me – rooms, subjects, people, everything. I was nervous on my first day but I was lucky to have such welcoming Form Tutors who guided us through everything from finding our way around the building to preparing us for our yearly exams.

There were several new subjects for me. I had never done any Spanish or Latin and felt quite daunted by starting them especially knowing that others girls had already began to learn them. To my surprise, I find I love them and can’t wait to continue learning them. Drama was another new subject for me and I have been thrilled to discover a passion for it and I am very excited to continue with a new programme in the coming year.

One subject I was already very familiar with was Music. Having already been learning the trumpet and recorder, I was thrilled with all of the new opportunities including performances and groups. I have participated in wind ensemble and orchestra as well as choir, and been privileged to be invited to perform several instrumental solos such as in Music@1 on Fridays. The Music Department has been really supportive, kind and has helped me to develop as a musician. I have learnt in a hugely inspirational environment with many talented people, united by a passion for music, and held together by a close community. It has also been fun when other teachers join in too, such as when a staff band came together to perform at the English Summer Garden Party in July. Girls grinned alongside their brilliant teachers and immensely enjoyed the performance!

After spending an incredible first year at St. Augustine’s Priory, getting involved in everything from the school choir to hockey tournaments, I feel so lucky that I have started in a school that suits me so well, where I feel the teachers are interested to see what is unique about each pupil. Much as the school holiday has been great, I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting stuck in with the school year ahead.”

Thank you to Daisy for this enthusiastic and informative article.  For all newcomers to St Augustine’s Priory – take inspiration from Daisy and enjoy every single day!

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