The Priory Farm

Posted: 7th July 2017

Farm Managers rule the roost!

The orchard is now home to a thriving St Augustine’s Priory Farm.  As well as the very healthy allotment with its array of crops, the chickens are going from strength to strength as they are enjoying the fine weather and the attention of our dedicated Farm Managers.

Ms Burrell reports on the latest developments from the coop:

‘The Priory Farm is still buzzing (or crowing) and our managers are now being faced with the challenges that come with adolescent chickens. Prince Fillet and David Peckham have developed a very feisty streak and currently require quite firm handling techniques. The chickens have all become rather fussy eaters and are turning their noses up at their new protein rich diet in favour of Mr Kane’s sweetcorn treats.

The managers are having to cope with allowing the chickens a new level of freedom and allow them out of the coop for a little while to explore the grounds and get a little more much needed exercise. T-Pex still has a few interesting quirks but he is back to being healthy and happy.

Finally, our new t-shirts have arrived and the managers are looking extremely professional as they continue their exceptional care of the nine chickens.’

Please click the links below to see footage of our feathered friends feeding.

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