Big Sister not-so-Little Sister

Posted: 7th July 2017


Our Big Sister, Little Sister programme has reached the end of another academic year.  Our continuous Big Sister, Little Sister programme lays a firm emphasis on the community spirit of St Augustine’s Priory when, each September, our new Senior girls in Form III meet our Sixth Form.  Yes, there are regular group meetings, but Big Sister Little Sister is about forming an individual relationship with someone who is always there to go to for advice, to support, guide and mentor you as you enter the Senior School.  Our Sixth Form remember what it was like to be in Form III, at the beginning of their life in the Seniors, and are glad to partner our new Form III girls as they start out on their journey.

This morning marked the final Big Sister Little Sister meeting of the academic year.  The current Form III girls, who were paired with a Sixth Former in September 2016, will move up into Lower IV this September, ready to begin a new year at St Augustine’s Priory.

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