Prep I and Prep II go to Odds Farm Park

Posted: 30th June 2017

Animals galore

On Tuesday 20th June Prep I and Prep II were lucky enough to visit Odds Farm Park in Buckinghamshire, a place to meet donkeys, hens, sheep and other four legged friends.  From egg collecting to sheep racing to riding on tractors, their day was one of magic and excitement!

Amaya, Prep II, tells us of her experience, ‘First we met Lewis and  he was speaking about the farm.  Then we went on the tractor ride.  We saw some cows under a tree.  Afterwards we had bunny time.  We fed some hens and they were funny and happy and beautiful.’

Tara, in Prep II, agrees, ‘First we met Lewis.  After we met Lewis we went to the animal barn and we fed the animals.  Next we went on the tractor ride.  It was very fun riding the tractor ride and then we went in the special room and we ate lunch.  After lunch we went to the sheep racing then we went to the chicken fence and we fed the chickens. ‘

Lily, Prep II, also enjoyed her time at Odds Farm, ‘First we went to the animal barn to feed the animals, to feed goats and sheep.  After we went on the tractor ride.  Next we went to feed the chickens.  Later we went collecting eggs.  After that we went to the sheep racing.  After that we saw some rabbits.  We saw the baby calf and goats.’

Aila, Prep II, sums up their day, ‘I went to Odds Farm with my class.  We went on the tractor ride and we had bunny time.  And we collected eggs and I enjoyed it and we did sheep racing.  And I enjoyed looking at my friends feeding the animals!  And we saw a show, I enjoyed it so much.  And I fed the chickens.  I liked it a lot.’

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