Lower IV Forensics

Posted: 30th June 2017

An investigation in progress…

Over recent years the solving of crime through forensic science has become a staple part of evening television drama.  But forensic science is a real and vital part of all real-life police work and for decades has been integral to the investigation of crime.

The study of science in school therefore is also about exploring these different aspects of science and this week Lower IV have been conducting their own forensic investigation through observation and experiment.

Miss Burrell, Science Department, relates how Lower IV have turned forensic investigators this week and reports on how their investigation is progressing:

‘This week in Science with Lower IV we launched our very first forensics module. The students arrived on Monday morning to the devastating news of Mr Salmon’s grisly and horrible murder! Donning their crime scene suits, the investigation began and the students have so far witnessed the scene of the crime, the autopsy report and calculated the time and cause of death using the evidence they have collected.

Over the next week, as more evidence surfaces, Lower IV will have to decipher many clues and identify the culprit! This is one of many new STEM initiatives in Science and will help the girls to explore a new and interesting topic, as well as develop new skills – vital for success in a STEM career.

A massive thank you to the Biology students of Lower VI (Elise Mercer, Abbie Buchanan and Eisher Sangha) for their incredible performances on Monday morning at the scene of the crime. We look forward to justice being brought to the perpetrator(s).’



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