‘Be Spirited Day’

Posted: 28th June 2017

Nursery – Form III explore prayer

We are fortunate in that with our Chapel we always have somewhere to spend time in the presence of God, to pray and to enjoy the quiet and peace that being in the Chapel affords us all.

As all the children from the Nursery to Form III discovered on Thursday 22nd June there are many ways to pray.  The ‘Be Spirited Day’ introduced them to just some of the ways one can involve oneself in prayer through various exercises.  From blowing bubbles and committing the name of someone into God’s care with each bubble, to sitting holding a wooden cross, to making words out of putty to demonstrate aspects of God’s love for each one of us, the children spent time discovering and enjoying some ways to pray.

From putting a pebble into a bowl of water and watching the ripples spread, to tracing a finger through a maze of prayer, words are not necessary to pray.  The children learnt the value of just being, spending time silently in the presence of God.

Some of the exercises did involve words – for example putting your name into the hand of God or using a globe to compose a prayer for our planet to be incorporated into a paper chain.

This was for all the children a golden opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of prayer, an oasis in their busy day, a time of refreshment.

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