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Posted: 27th June 2017

Needle and Craft Club

Augustinian parent Mrs Ransome is one of our committed group of people who run our school clubs.  Covering a variety of topics, our clubs are extremely popular and provide an opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy new adventures.  Mrs Ransome runs the ‘Needle and Craft’ sessions and we thought you would like to hear about some of their activities.

Mrs Ransome reports ‘We have had two brilliantly creative terms of Needle and Craft, which the girls have loved and I have loved teaching them.

We started our journey with hand sewing and made felt emojis; already I could see the delightful personalities of each of the girls coming through in their chosen characters. I encourage the girls to thread their own needles and tie knots in the thread. Cute felt elephants taught them about sewing on buttons and cutting and stitching shapes together. These were followed by gorgeous cotton creatures and, lastly, their lined denim bags made from upcycled jeans. The girls love the last lesson where they get their first experience of a sewing machine!

In the Level ll group we continue to develop our hand skills with embroidery and then use the embroidered pieces to make a lined bag with a zip! There are so many wonderful things we can make – it just takes a little imagination and time. The next project we undertook was making was “fashion dolls”; this was a little challenging, but the girls really enjoyed being able to make the dolls’ clothing – what a fantastic fashion show!

Our final project is to create a small patchwork quilt for the doll and that will finish the term off nicely, hopefully inspiring the girls to make more clothing during the holidays.

I look forward to lots more Needle and Craft in September.’

Stimulating the imagination whilst learning new skills and making new friends!  Thank you, Mrs Ransome, and all our other club leaders for your time and energy in making our clubs such a success and introducing our girls to new and wonderful worlds.


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