Lower IV study coastal defences in Brighton

Posted: 20th June 2017

A great example of how fieldwork supplements work in the classroom was shown by Lower IV’s Geography visit last Friday 16th June when they journeyed to the beaches of Brighton to learn about engineering strategies used in managing coastlines.

Using measuring tapes, metre sticks and a clinometer the girls spent the day taking measurements of pebble sizes and beach inclines.

The first beach they visited in the neighbouring town of Rottingdean was backed by white cliffs, fragments of which could be found on the beach itself.

Mr Chappory and Miss Keep demonstrated how the girls would be carrying out their investigations, as well as explaining the various coastal defences used in Brighton.

sap geog

“The students really enjoyed seeing in real life, all the different forms of coastal defences like beach nourishment, groynes, recurved sea walls and rock armour which they had studied in school.

They rose to the challenge of capturing data for beach profiles and were able to apply their knowledge of features and processes of erosion and longshore drift in the field. The students worked hard and enjoyed themselves at the same time.

The staff were really impressed with the way they engaged with the learning on this educational visit”, Mr Chappory, Head of Geography.

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