Senior Sports Day

Posted: 16th June 2017

Records smashed in track and field

Monday 12th June saw Senior Sports Day take place at St Augustine’s Priory.  We were very fortunate with the weather – not too hot and not too cold – just right.  The PE Department organised the day brilliantly with every event, both track and field, running smoothly under the direction of Mrs Gosling, Ms Hales, Ms Lindsay and Ms Cross.  Parents came to support the day and some even wore the colours of their daughters’ school Houses.  There was a great atmosphere throughout the day which wonderfully showcased the talents and abilities of our athletes from Form III to Priory 6.

There was stiff competition between the four school houses with St Gabriel’s House emerging victorious at the end of the day.  It was a very close run thing, with less 100 points between the first and fourth.

Several records were not just broken, but smashed on the day.  Wren Mortimer, Upper IV, ran the 60 metre hurdles in 11.06 seconds, Dilichi Dieobi ran the 200 metres in 30.40 seconds and Lizzy Higham and Mia Simpson (Upper IV) both ran the 800 metres in 2 minutes 59 seconds, with Olivia Agrotis running the 800 metres in 2 minutes 51 seconds.  In the 100 metre race three records were broken:  Temisan Wyse, Lower IV, ran the 100 metres in 14.10 seconds, Poppy Hill (Upper IV) ran the 100m metres in 13.63 seconds and Olivia Agrotis (Lower V) ran the 100 metres in 13.71 seconds.

In the relay, St George won the Form III, Lower IV and Lower V race with St Michael winning the Upper IV relay.  For Lower IV St George came away with a new record of 62 seconds and St Michael for Upper IV won with a new record of 61 seconds.  The baton passing was accurate, careful and speedy throughout all the relay races, a joy to watch!

In the field events records were also broken.  In the high jump, Marianne Flynn, Lower IV, won with a new record of 1.23 metres and for Upper IV Wren Mortimer and Jonelle Esprit jointly beat the record with record jumps of 1.30 metres.  For Lower V, Olivia Smith beat the record with a jump of 1.35 metres.  In the shot putt, all four records were broken:  for Form III Chloe Bathula broke the record with a great throw of 7.15 metres, for Lower IV Lucy Phillips threw 7.80 metres, for Upper IV Milly Tobin threw 7.45 metres and for Lower V Aoife Pedreschi threw the shot putt a wonderful 8.30 metres.  In the Javelin, for Form III Annice Kerr equalled Amelia Phillips’ 2015 record with a throw of 13.70 metres.  Amelia Phillips’ javelin record for Lower IV, set in 2016, was not broken, but she broke the Upper IV record this year with a throw of 18.65 metres.  To finish off, Alice Norman (Lower V) broke the Lower V javelin record with a throw of 17.05 metres.

Congratulations to all our record breakers for a wonderful performance.  Whether setting records or not, Sports Day was full of great results which only goes to prove that training, practice and enthusiasm really do reap rewards!

Medals being awarded

The Grecian race (balancing a book on the head while striving to win) showed some extraordinary balancing ability among the girls and the combined Sixth Form and Staff relay at the end of the day was a hard fought race with some very fast runners throwing themselves around the track.

St Gabriel’s House

Our scorers pounced on the results as they came in and professional sports photographers, DE Photo, were present to take professional photographs, which were available to purchase on the day.  DE Photo will also be present at the Junior Sports Day on Monday 19th June and parents are welcome to purchase photographs on the day or visit their website:

Congratulations and thank you to all those who supported and organised Senior Sports Day this year, whether athletes, parents or staff (especially our PE Department) for a successful, enjoyable and record-breaking event!

St Gabriel’s House Captain being presented with their trophy

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