Upper IV Geography Fieldtrip

Posted: 7th June 2017

A day in Streatley and Goring

Not all school work is conducted in the classroom.  Fieldtrips are an essential part of all subjects, giving pupils the opportunity to expand their knowledge base, conduct experiments, discover new ways of working and take their classroom out of the classroom! So whether pupils are taking part in visits to museums, theatres or rivers, fieldtrips enable all pupils to enrich and deepen their experience of education.

Here, Mr Chappory, Head of Geography, reports on the recent Upper IV Geography Fieldtrip:

‘On Wednesday 24th May, all Upper IV students participated in a Geography fieldtrip to the villages of Streatley and Goring. These villages are of particular interest because they are separated by the River Thames which acts as the natural boundary between Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Many would argue that both these villages together are one and the same place despite administrative and physical boundaries.

The students enjoyed collecting both quantitative and qualitative data in order to assess the quality of life and quality of environment in these locations. Previously, in class, they had designed their own fieldwork data capture techniques and came up with their own hypotheses that they could later test.

For those now continuing with Geography into GCSE, it was a real insight into a new way of conducting fieldwork and this field trip has raised the question that rurality is not always an easy thing to define.

For all in Upper IV, it was a great way of ending their Key Stage 3 Geography.

(Of course, it didn’t take our girls long to find the shrine to George Michael at the house which he so loved).’

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