Lower V visits the British Museum

Posted: 26th May 2017

The world of ancient Greece

On Thursday 18th May Mrs Griffiths accompanied Lower V Classical Civilisation students to the British Museum where they explored the Greek galleries.  Mrs Griffiths reports:


‘Lower V Classical Civilisation students explored the Glory that was Greece at the British Museum on a hot Thursday in May. Particularly relevant to their GCSE course were the magnificent Elgin Marbles and vases, pots, jugs and cups so exquisitely painted for the celebration of the Symposium [part of a banquet, taking place after the meal].

Gods and goddesses permeate the Greek world and we vied in spotting the Olympians in various guises. The must-see Sophilos vase allows you to get a full house on the one pot as a procession of deities attends the wedding of Peleus & Thetis. Athena speaks loudly through the marbles to tell us that Athens is great and that the ancient  Athenians are proud of their city.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to these wonderful galleries!’


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