Healthy Schools Week 2017

Posted: 26th May 2017

Living a healthy lifestyle has numerous benefits, including improving mental and physical health.  Keeping active and eating balanced meals boosts happiness, and a powerful way to improve wellbeing is to get outside.  Mrs Raffray encouraged girls, especially while everyone is sitting exams, to make time to go out to the meadow during breaks.  There is an oak tree that has been there for twenty years which she recommended they go and visit.  The Latin for oak is ‘Quercus robur’, meaning ‘strength’ and this resonates with the resilience our girls are currently demonstrating in their preparation for exams.

It is Assessment Week in Key Stage 2 and they are focusing on keeping healthy during exam times and looking at the importance of sleep, exercise and diet. Lower I are keeping a sleep diary and are running around the astro pitch every day!  Mrs Costello put together a programme for Preps and Juniors this week, starting with Yoga on Monday morning.  A dentist visited the Nursery and Preps in the afternoon to talk about oral hygiene, and the Preps were lucky enough to host a Naturopath and a Nurse on Tuesday morning.  Aerobics with Miss Hales and Yoga with one of our Nursery parents was followed by a smoothie demonstration with the Kitchen on Wednesday.  In addition, the Kitchen has provided fresh fruit for dessert this week, with sponge cake and custard nowhere in sight.

We hope this week has helped the girls to prepare for a productive half term break next week.  As Mrs Raffray said in assembly on Monday, “Go out, put your face to the sun, turn off your phones and sleep properly”.  We wish everyone a happy and healthy half term.

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