The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Posted: 19th May 2017

Bronze Practice Expedition

At St Augustine’s Priory we are proud that girls are able to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award from Bronze through to Gold. From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May our Bronze Award candidates took part in their Practice Expedition – a weekend away in Kent.  Here is an account of their expedition:

‘The lovely North Downs escarpment, near Meopham in Kent, for a lovely May weekend.

Two days of navigation, camping and cooking, all unaided.

What could possibly go wrong……?

Actually, nothing.

It was warmer than the forecast and drier than the forecast. And sunnier than the forecast. So we needed the factor 50.

The groups were on time at check points! If unable at that point in time to precisely position themselves on the map they were never actually lost. And they befriended lots of horses.

The camp cooking was quick and wonderfully tasty; spicy noodles seemed popular. The groups were more like closely working teams, efficiently dividing up the tasks.

There was a great team spirit with lots of laughs, and the elements were kind to us.

It only rained twice, once overnight and then it became sunny when we had to get up. The second occasion was late on Sunday just as the groups had finished.  [Except one group, who battled through].

The trainers were impressed. ‘These groups will not have problems with the assessment’, was the verdict.

Congratulations to all!’

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