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Posted: 15th May 2017

Useful websites to help alleviate examination worries

Our School Counsellor, Mrs R Good, has some suggestions to help those sitting public examinations during this Summer Term:

‘As the ‘season’ for public examinations gets underway, it’s normal to be anxious around exam times. This is a natural reaction in response to real or perceived threat.  As there is often a lot riding on securing good grades, feeling under pressure to achieve is not unusual.

Whilst some anxiety can be a motivator, if it becomes overwhelming your performance can be adversely affected. We might not have that much choice over whether or not we actually do exams, but there are definitely things we can do to help deal with the anxiety we are feeling and keep it in its place.  It’s also worth remembering that although exams are important they are not the only way to a successful future.

The following selection of websites offers useful information for those sitting examinations and their parents to help get through the next few weeks and beyond.

For Pupils

BBC Radio 1 – BBC Advice – Exam Stress. >programmes>articles

BBC Radio 1 – BBC Advice – Revision Basics. >programmes>articles

Childline – Exam stress and pressure. >info-advice

NHS Choices – Tips on surviving exams. >Pages.examsense

Student Minds – Exam Stress. >exam-stress


For Parents

NHS Coping with Exam stress. . Conditions>Pages>Coping with exam stress

Family Lives – Exam stress.> school-learning

Relate – Exam stress – coping as a family. > 2013/12/11 ‘

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