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Posted: 12th May 2017

Challenging the Brightest

Our Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Mr Neil Elder, has introduced some of our students to the IGGY Scheme, run by Warwick University.

Their website says, ‘IGGY is a no fee global educational social network designed to help gifted and talented young people aged 13-18 realise their full potential. We’re part of the University of Warwick so our members have access to great educational resources and get to work with top academics and other gifted and talented young people around the world.

Members can create their own profiles, make friends and collaborate internationally. They’re helping create a great site for gifted and talented young people to exchange ideas, debate, learn and explore in a safe environment.’

Two of the participants, Shanura Clington Fernando and Tanita Jose, Lower IV Alpha, have written their thoughts on using the IGGY website and its resources.

Shanura writes about her experience, ‘Last month I was signed up for IGGY in order to improve my knowledge on the affairs of the country and to establish a deeper understanding of academic subjects. IGGY is a site for young people from ages 13-18 which helps them to find their true potential. Since I joined IGGY I have been using it every day as it is really fun – especially with the quizzes that are enjoyable and informative. In addition to the quizzes IGGY offers there are also many articles on varying subjects that give a deeper insight into aspects of history.  There are also articles on preserving the earth and the evolving human race that is slowly being dragged away by this technology driven world.  Debates are also held, where you have the right to  express your opinions and views on matters with people from other parts of the world.

IGGY is a hub for students who need homework help and also a centre for people who need advice on taking important decisions in life. IGGY is a very friendly and safe place where you can socialize and discover more about this world. It is a site for students who need to still find their inner potential and for students who want to boost their knowledge. On using IGGY I have become more alert about the current events, injustice in the world and prejudices against people. As I student I recommend IGGY, as it really helped me enhance my knowledge and my awareness on the happenings of the world.‘

Since writing the above piece, Shanura has informed us that she is Student of the Month on IGGY and has been awarded some Amazon gift vouchers.

Tanita Jose, also Lower IV Alpha, comments, ‘I enjoy going on IGGY, mainly because there are so many different things you can do. Instead of being limited to just one way of teaching (for example, articles), IGGY has many, such as the videos (which are short and straightforward, meaning you don’t feel as if there is the commitment to having to watch a half an hour or one hour video, but instead, just quickly watch a three minute video), the “community fun” (celebrating anniversaries of both important, and trivial days (for example, “Scrabble fun” shows pictures of several scrabble tiles and asks you to find and comment on the highest score you can make, celebrating Scrabble Day)), and even articles on specific topics (eg. “Circadian rhythm”, released when the clocks were set forward).  I think it is a wonderful website, and is an excellent addition to academic life as, even though you are learning about school related topics, it does not feel like you are forcing yourself to learn at all.’

For more information please visit the IGGY website   https://www.iggy.net/

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