Paris Netball Squad 2017

Posted: 5th May 2017

Paris Netball Squad 2017

Taking on a Whole New World in Disney

To compete against teams from around the world is of great benefit when seeking to improve your playing standard and this opportunity was given to St Augustine’s Priory netball players when, in the Easter holidays, we sent a netball squad to France to compete, comprising sixty girls in eight teams ranging from U12 to U15. Here, Laura Jacques, Lower V Alpha, reports on the Netball Squad’s adventures:

‘On 5th April the St Augustine’s Priory Paris Netball Squad followed the yellow brick road to Disney Land Paris!! And suddenly, we were all enchanted with the magic of Disney!

In the mornings, we meandered our way through the magical streets of Disney only to bump into some familiar faces, such as Buzz Lightyear! Parents queued up for hours to get a picture with him and then got a quick photo of the kids… it seems like the magic of Disney appeals to all – evident by our staff’s pictures shared on Twitter! Some captured the sense of adventure by braving the rollercoasters while others, myself included, enjoyed a spin in the teacups and a ride on the chair-aeroplanes enjoying the spectacular view from a great distance off the ground (not too high for those who have vertigo – and much recommended).

In the afternoons we exited the world of Disney to put on our game faces and give our all in the netball competitions. Every team worked amazingly well together and each team scored at least one goal. We achieved some fantastic results and everyone put in 100% effort, shown by how tired everyone was when we returned to our accommodation in the evenings. We were definitely rewarded for our efforts as, for example, when for one night’s dinner we feasted on a Chinese buffet where I think everyone ate rather a lot… This was also the case at breakfast where, in particular, Annie and Taylor (Lower V Alpha) fuelled themselves ready for the intense match play later in the afternoon.


On another night we dined royally on pizza and had a free for all on Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. This was a lovely evening as we sat outside and integrated as a squad and got to know other people from different year groups.

On the last night of the tour we held an awards evening where all the teams in the competition gathered to celebrate their successes. Congratulations to the St Augustine’s Priory teams who all won trophies!

I was a member of the U16 team who performed brilliantly on the first day and achieved placement in the top competition for finals where we played international teams from places such as Australia. We worked hard together to produce fantastic performances and scored many goals. Overall, we achieved a very creditable seventh position in the U16 competition. Our team showed great spirit and motivated each other through every game – win or lose.

Eleanor Kaffo, Upper IV Alpha commented on the U14A team: ‘The Under 14A team won two matches and lost two on our first day. Our highest win was with a phenomenal score of 17-1 and over the competition we improved our passing and shooting, which was excellent. When we lost, we kept our spirits high and came back well in the second half!’


Dilichi Dieobi, Lower IV Alpha reports on the U13B team: ‘The Under 13B team won several matches and when we lost a match we came back fighting in the next one. We kept our spirits up when a match didn’t go well and we overcame obstacles as a team. We worked well together and scored goals. It was a great experience. ‘

We would like to thank the Sports Department and all the staff who accompanied us for a great trip and giving us the opportunity to further our netball ability.’

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