No Paper Day

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Mr Chappory and his fierce team of No Paper Police (of Form III alpha) ensured that No Paper Day on Tuesday 2nd May was tearrably successful!

Lower I using the grid method

Sennen, Siya and Emily of Lower IV A, the No Paper Day party, created a powerpoint about the No Paper Day purpose and rules, which was circulated via email to St Augustine’s Priory – there will be no posters, they stressed, as this would mean producing paper… To save paper!  Below is what the girls put together for us:

Why are we doing this?

  • Even though paper is biodegradable, we still need to recycle it,
  • It is generally made from the pulp of trees which means to get to it you need to chop the tree down,
  • As a result of this habitat loss can occur,
  • No Paper Day is a result of trying to save rainforests – when we use less paper we save trees,
  • An average school wastes 45% of their paper,
  • A recent study has put forward a theory that deforestation is as important in causing climate change as all the carbon dioxide we emit.

Lower V using stitches to find solutions

So how did our teachers at St Augustine’s Priory plan their paperless lessons?

‘Who needs paper when you have big white tables and pens?’, Lower I asked Twitter innocently, with an accompanying photo of their use of the grid method to multiply 2 digit numbers (the tweet was followed later by a photo of clean tables, ‘they cleaned up nicely with a bit of elbow grease’).

Priory 6 revision

Upper I enjoyed a place value Maths lesson in the playground using chalk, Lower II used playdough to work on their long multiplication, Lower V sewed simultaneous linear equations with Mrs Bennet and Priory 6 revised the classes of levers using their bodies as shapes!  The Lower V Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Recyclers rescued reusable paper from recycling bins for ‘paper emergencies’ and the Form III Paper Police patrolled the corridors in search of offenders, armed with a whiteboard to take down names.  Perpetrators will be named and shamed tomorrow morning.

Upper I’s Maths lesson

A tremendous effort by all this No Paper Day, and an appropriate lead up to the forthcoming ‘Walk to School Week’ and ‘Healthy Eating Week’.


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