Upper II and French couture

Posted: 27th April 2017

Uniform Project

During the Lent Term Upper II were busy with couture. Not content with visiting France they also expanded their vocabulary and knowledge of French by designing a school uniform.  Ms Gandi and Ms Assemat, Modern Languages Department, report on Upper II’s foray into fashion:

‘During the Lent Term Upper II were very busy with languages. Not only did they spend a few days in France and met French partners but they also worked on a project to create a school uniform. All this together with their busy schedule of dance shows and other events. Upper II girls had to design two uniforms and there were some beautiful creations offered:  uniforms for summer and winter, boys and girls, juniors and seniors, school and PE. We are very proud of everyone’s teamwork, creativity and the quality of French demonstrated.  Upper II have been stretching themselves and used a large amount of new and ambitious vocabulary in their projects. There were also some exceptional sewing skills revealed, the chance to feel sample materials, see a display of real size uniforms and look at the school websites which were created.

Out of the fifteen groups of designers, six finalists were chosen who presented their projects to the whole class and special guest teachers. The final prizes were awarded to the following:

First Prize went to Kara Irvine and Naomi Nnatu for a very creative uniform:  their logo was a butterfly based on the premise that we should developing our independence – an essential in life. They demonstrated a very good quality of French and use of accents in their presentation.

There were prizes given for:

Team work: Bella Clarke Riera, Sofia Duffy and Rinka Notani worked very well together and their music school uniform was lovely. They put their different skills together and shared the roles of design, writing and speaking in French between them. This team focussed on music as they believe that you can achieve everything through music.

Creativity: Jess Wynne-Hughes and Matilda Green created a school website, they also had sample material and accessories for their Nessie school. This was an excellent effort with a great description delivered in French.

Style:  Kana Iwami and Amber(Jiayi) Liu had the wonderful idea to use a magnetic board to present a very stylish uniform including a cape and different styles of hats. All this was presented on the background of a French flag and lots of details were included in their presentation.

Jazmin Watts received a special prize for thoughtfulness. We loved the fact that Jasmin had designed the symbol of peace with the French colours as a logo to represent peace in these current troubled times.

Once again, Upper II impressed us with their teamwork, terrific ideas and the depth of thought which lay behind their uniform concepts. This was also a lovely way for Mrs Tippen to end the term with Upper II acting as a special guest judge for this project.’

Congratulations to all in Upper II for their creativity and artistic flair!

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