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Posted: 27th April 2017

Scholarships for the Senior School for September 2017

Although we have only just commenced the Summer Term 2017, at St Augustine’s Priory we are already looking towards our new academic year, starting in September. To that end we are pleased to announce the scholarships which have been awarded to girls who will be entering the Senior School (Form III) in September 2017, both internal pupils and those joining us from other schools.

Spanning several aspects of school life, scholarships have been awarded in the areas of Drama, Music, Sport, Art and, of course, academic excellence. Veritas (meaning truth) is our school’s motto and three Veritas awards have also been given, for those girls who demonstrated all-round ability.  A Margaret Dormer Scholarship, available to Catholic candidates, has also been awarded.  Margaret Dormer was, in 1634, this school’s first pupil and this scholarship is a tribute to this young girl, the forerunner of all Augustinian pupils.

We look forward to following the progress of all the girls who are in receipt of this year’s St Augustine’s Priory scholarships and congratulate them all on their awards.

Scholarship Awards September 2017

We are delighted that the following scholars will be joining Form III in September:

Name Current School Scholarship
Freya Ellis North Ealing Primary Veritas:  11+
Elodie King Little Ealing Primary Academic:  11+
Lucy Kingsmill St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary Veritas: 11+
Olivia Sparks St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary Sport:  11+
Carlotta Vitaloni St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary Margaret Dormer:  11+
Helen Wright St Gregory’s Roman Catholic Primary Veritas:  11+


We congratulate our current pupils on obtaining scholarships for the Senior School:

Name Current Form Scholarship
Ava Bileckyj Upper II Alpha Drama:  11+
Sofia Duffy Upper II Alpha Music:  11+
Sophie Fung Upper II A Music:  11+
Kara Irvine Upper II A Academic:  11+
Naomi Nnatu Upper II A Sport:  11+
Megan Ransome Upper II Alpha Art:  11+
Melanie West Upper II A Academic:  11+


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