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Posted: 24th April 2017

Mr J Powell, Bursar

Our new Bursar, Mr Jonathan Powell, joined St Augustine’s Priory in January and claims to have been so busy since then that he has not had time to draft this article. Having previously served in the Royal Navy and then in the charity sector, he says that the transition has been something of a natural progression.  He loves the energy of St Augustine’s and the contrast between term time and holidays.

Jonathan is a Magistrate on the West London bench, a role he has fulfilled for more than 20 years. He finds the diversity of people and the situations they find themselves in most interesting.  Every charge from murder to drink driving starts in the Magistrates’ Court, although the more serious matters are immediately escalated to the Crown Court.

Jonathan lives in West Ealing, is married and has two children. His wife, Sarah, works in the pharmaceutical industry.  Their daughter is a graduate trainee with Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf and their son is studying chemistry at Durham University.

Jonathan says ‘I feel privileged to be working with such committed professionals at St Augustine’s. Teachers and support staff alike are all dedicated to realising the full potential of the pupils.  Great teamwork is a major contributor to this school’s success.’

Our new Bursar, Jonathan Powell (with past pupil Margaret Berry), at March’s Alumnae lunch

As Bursar and Clerk to the Governors, Mr Powell has a wide range of responsibilities. ‘When people ask me what a bursar does I say that if it’s not education, it’s probably my responsibility,’ he explains. ‘So that covers catering, cleaning, security, maintenance, finance, insurance, lettings, health & safety, building works.  You name it.’  Asked about the delay in completing the first phase of the current development Jonathan is reflective.  ‘Underground water was just one of the factors causing the delay and I am conscious of the inconvenience caused.  We did not want to compromise the quality of the job by pushing for completion on time at all costs. Exams will not be disrupted and we will finish a month late but on budget.’

What makes Jonathan tick? ‘I enjoy the everyday challenge of life in a fast-paced environment with clarity of purpose.  I like trying to improve things and getting the best out of people.  Jonathan also loves gardening.  His favourite part of the garden is the lawn.  ‘I like crisp edges with lovely stripes’, he says.

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