School Officials: 2017 – 2018 Candidates

Posted: 21st April 2017

‘You mean as much to the school as the school means to you.’

Leah Mpinga, Lower VI

It is always so impressive to watch our girls striving to achieve their goals.  Inspiring because they are so young and so driven, and heart-warming because of the many ways in which they attribute their qualities to their time at St Augustine’s Priory.  Our Priory 6 Leadership Team candidates made a lasting impression with their speeches this morning at Assembly.  Ms Hagerty, Director of Sixth Form, said ‘The girls were modest, truthful in their presentation of themselves and inspiring in their vision’.

With the upcoming general election, it is a positive experience for the girls to have a taste of the election process.  At the beginning of each Summer Term here at St Augustine’s Priory, the Priory 6 Leadership Team for the upcoming academic year is voted in.  Posts available are Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl for the Preps, Deputy Head Girl for the Juniors, Deputy Head Girl for the seniors, and School Ambassador.

School Officials 2016

Abbie, Serena, Elise, Payal, Manisha, Emilija, Leah, Bhakti, Eisher and Tara made presentations to the current Priory 6, the Senior school girls, Upper II and teachers, highlighting why they would like to be, and would make, excellent School Officials.  Addressing their fellow students, the girls stressed that being a School Official is ‘about more than just wearing a badge’ (Payal), many of them emphasising that they would like to make the Sixth Form more approachable for younger girls (Emilija), open channels of communication (Leah), use the Big Sister Little Sister programme to help the integration of girls throughout the school (Bhakti), and even set up a homework workshop run by Priory 6 (Eisher).

Big Sister Little Sister International Women’s Day 2017

Even though these ten girls are strong and fantastic individuals, they are similar in that they share the same memories and fondness for the school and the idea of friendship, kindness and truth.  Manisha revealed that she was very quiet when she joined the school, but that her time here has given her the confidence and conviction to stand up in front of everyone to give her speech today.  From food fights, to playing hockey in the rain, to eating lunch out in the field, the girls shared their highlights as well as their campaigns.  They would all make exceptional members of the Priory 6 Leadership Team and we wish them all the best of luck!

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