Lower IV Prize Winner

Posted: 31st March 2017

Celebrating Books

Back in February we announced a national competition being held by the SPECS network (a nationwide network of opticians – Specialist Providers of Eye Care Solutions network) to celebrate World Book Day on 2nd March.  Local optician, ‘Eyes on the Common’, supported this competition which promoted the SPECS Eye Health Campaign built around World Book Day, with an emphasis on Children’s Vision, a national campaign.

Presentation by Mrs Clare Murphy

We are delighted to announce that Siya Sehgal, Lower IV, is one of the winners of this competition, winning a £20 book token. Siya submitted her entry, writing about her favourite book, and yesterday was presented with her prize at ‘Eyes on the Common’ by Mrs Clare Murphy, one of the Trustees of the St Augustine’s Priory Trust.  Mrs Jeanne Waas, proprietor of ‘Eyes on the Common’ welcomed Headteacher Mrs Raffray and Siya, who commented, ‘I am so happy and proud to have won this!’

Mrs Raffray, Headteacher St Augustine’s Priory, Siya Sehgal and Mrs Clare Murphy

Congratulations to Siya, who now has to make the difficult decision about what books to choose with her prize!

Mrs Raffray, Siya and Mrs Jeanne Waas of ‘Eyes on the Common’

‘Eyes on the Common’ is situated opposite Ealing Common Station at 4 Station Parade, Uxbridge Road, W5 3LD. Tel: 0203 5385977 and email: eyesonthecommon@gmail.com

Mrs Jeanne Waas with Siya

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