Sixth Form Careers Event

Posted: 23rd March 2017

A Joint Project

On Friday 17th March St Augustine’s Priory, together with St Benedict’s Senior School, held a joint Careers Event at St Benedict’s.  Here, Elise Mercer, Lower VI, writes about the evening:

‘On Friday 17th March, Priory 6 attended a joint event with St Benedict’s. We were given the task of creating a product that would improve the performance and effectiveness of a student. We had 20 minutes to come up with a product, a team name and then present our product to the other teams for one minute. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and it was interesting to see that a lot of the products deigned were very similar. There were mixed teams of St Benedict’s and St Augustine’s Priory pupils and this therefore meant that we were with a team of people we didn’t necessarily know, but we successfully adapted to the situation and completed the task.


Peter Dale, founder of Channel 4 digital channel More4, was a guest speaker at the event. He gave us advice on what to do in a presentation, and that the most important thing to do when giving a presentation is to be yourself. If you are enthusiastic about the presentation and are able to intrigue your audience, then that is what makes the perfect presentation.  I used this advice when I had to present my team’s product and I really saw the benefits of being confident in your product.’


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