Lower I and French Fashion

Posted: 24th February 2017

Language learning with style

With London Fashion Week well under way, it’s time to have a look at our own fashionistas. On 1st December last year Lower I took part in their own fashion show – in French.  This was an opportunity to enjoy fine clothes and fine language.

Style was the watchword as Lower I showed off their catwalk skills with panache and also described what they were wearing with the requisite French vocabulary.

Today, certificates were awarded for the Fashion Show in Junior Assembly. Congratulations to the following:  Best Description:  Natasha and Lara; Best Look:  Cecilia and Olivia; Best Modelling:  Vanessa and Ilona.

Here are some of the comments from Lower I about their couture experience:

Poppy commented: ‘I learnt how to describe clothes and how they look.  I liked the fashion show because we could see fantastic clothes and write down what we were wearing in French.  If we made the lessons longer we could learn more!’

Natasha noted that ‘when you talk about clothes in French you can have a masculine and a feminine and I really liked the fashion show because all the people were positive and reflective’.

Olivia sounded a note of triumph, ‘I like it because I can beat my parents in French practice at home’.

Claudia noted that ‘I learnt how to describe my clothes using colours without any help’.

Well done, Lower I, on delivering such a ‘magnifique’ show!

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