‘A Budget Cinderella’

Posted: 16th December 2016

Priory Players’ Pantomime

Our Head of Drama and Managing Director of the Priory Players, Ms Brown, reports on the Priory Players’ Christmas production:

‘On Friday 9th December the Priory Players staged this year’s school panto ‘A Budget Cinderella’ and it was a triumph.  Bhakti Patel, the company’s production manager, co-directed the play with me and was a tremendous support throughout the entire production process, from fund-raising to promotion.  Lora Jones, the stage manager, and her assistant Rebecca McGee, organised the fabulous costumes you see in the photos with the Head of Costume at Questors Theatre, who praised their professional attitude.  Lora and Rebecca also made the set and props, which helped make the show such a visual delight.


Both the Junior and Senior audiences were thrilled by the comedy acting of the company, credited below. Students all the way from nursery to Upper VI heckled the cast enthusiastically with “Oh no, she hasn’t!” and sympathetic “Ahs!” for the poor, downtrodden Cinders.

After the show, the Juniors left saying, “That was great!” and “Thank you very much!” as they filed past the cast at the door, high-fiving and hugging the actors as they went. The Seniors laughed out loud at the physical comedy of errors, especially the wheelbarrow incidents, and enjoyed the Christmas music classics.


The panto was such an enriching experience for the Priory Players, fostering perseverance, application, performance and business skills. It was also wonderful to see years Lower V to Upper VI collaborating and thoroughly enjoying themselves as a productive team.


Rehearsing with the cast was an absolute joy; every one of the actors was enthusiastic, professional and helped as much as they could towards the success of the show; I want to thank them, and Ms Cox for the backdrops, Maryian Marri for the photos, Payal Mittal, Nimrut Chatha, Daniela Murru for selling the lollies and to the other Priory 6 girls who used their initiative to help us usher the audience on the day.



On behalf of Bhakti and the rest of the Priory Players, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your on-going support of the company and wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

Cast of ‘A Budget Cinderella’:

Fairy Godmother:            Erin Costello

Scram, a tom cat:             Helena Trickey

King Theobald:                  Layal Derbas

Prince Charming:              Annie Gorard

Dandini:                               Laura Jacques

Buttons:                               Molly Pollock

Cinderella:                          Lucy Jacks

Flora & Fauna (the Ugly Sisters):               Bhatki Patel and Molly Trickey

Baroness Hardup:            Rebecca Shoesmith

Herald:                                 Popi Aresti

Courtiers:                            Lora Jones and Rebecca McGee’


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