Hanwell Homeless Concern

Posted: 15th December 2016

Priory Purpose

Thank you to Amy-Elizabeth Roye of Upper VI, who wrote the following to parents last week on behalf of Priory Purpose, the charity movement set up by the Sixth Form.

“Every year St Augustine’s Priory helps to support a local charity, ‘Hanwell Homeless Concern’.  Miss Sylvia Clayton, a former St Augustine’s Priory teacher, helps run Hanwell Homeless Concern, which provides relief for the homeless by providing meals three times a week, occasional clothes, a doctor every fortnight, the use of a shower, and a Christmas party.  St Augustine’s Priory supports this charity by providing bars of soap, which form part of the presents handed out at the Christmas party, as well as supplying Christmas cards – handmade by the Senior girls and Christmas crackers donated by Holroyd Howe, our caterers.

A group from Priory 6 took the soap and cards to Hanwell Homeless Concern’s Christmas lunch on Monday 12th December where they served lunch to the volunteers and homeless people.”


“It was really rewarding giving something back to the community and meeting new people”, Mackenzie Parry-Bull, Upper VI

“We had a great time singing carols with everybody”, Nicoletta Bencka, Upper VI

“I was really moved giving a Christmas card to a man who said it was the first one he had ever received, he was touched by the effort out school had gone to for them”, Lora Jones, Upper VI


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