Upper IV prepares for GCSEs

Posted: 29th November 2016

‘Maximize Your Potential’

Every year pupils in Upper IV have a vital assignment to complete. This is the year they choose their GCSE options and begin the run-up to their GCSEs which will take place in Upper V.  In order to assist with this preparation each year we invite ‘Maximize Your Potential’ to visit St Augustine’s Priory to run workshops for Upper IV on study skills.  Elizabeth Higham, Upper IVA, here writes her impressions of the recent ‘Maximize Your Potential’ workshop:

‘On Tuesday 15th November, Upper IV enjoyed an intriguing workshop in the new temporary hall. Jasper Ward, a teacher who specialises in giving talks on revision and organisation, visited our school and talked to Upper IVA and Upper IV Alpha during the first three periods.


The session was divided into sections in which Jasper talked about international education, revision strategies and dealing with anxiety. He taught us to be appreciative of our education, especially considering that 70 million children are still uneducated and he also taught us how to identify the revision strategy which worked the best for us as well as effective revision strategies.

The talk was not only informative but also fun thanks to the quizzes, exercises and games we played to get our brains functioning. The talk was the perfect workshop to focus us for our upcoming GCSE choices. Overall, the workshop was an exciting experience which individually benefited each one of us.’

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