Priory Purpose

Posted: 16th November 2016

Fright Night Extravaganza!

Priory Purpose is an initiative by our Sixth Form, Priory 6, to fundraise for charity. Their first event is something to chill the bones, ‘Fright Night’, taking place on 18th November at St Augustine’s Priory.

Students from Form III upwards will walk through the school and all those taking part need to be prepared to be scared! Staff will be roaming and haunting the premises and scaring everyone who falls into their orbit!


Taking place from 4.30 – 6.00pm, tickets cost £5.00 which will go towards Renewable World, a charity which tackles poverty using renewable energy. Places are limited so, if your daughter would like to take part, tickets are available from Sixth Formers Riddhi Amin and Rana Sumaidaie, who are also visiting classes to sell tickets.

Rebecca Shoesmith, Upper VI, writes, ‘Within the walk we will be exploring different rooms consisting of an Asylum and Circus, we will also have an interactive Graveyard with its very own Graveyard Keeper, played by a St Augustine’s teacher.

This haunted, spooky, fearful tour will excite the students and be an opportunity to learn more about the school. We will also provide a film and cake sale, along with snacks, for those who are unable to go home after school.’

Rana Sumaidaie, Upper VI, adds: ‘This is the first year for Priory Purpose,  a group run by pupils in Lower VI and Upper VI, and we have chosen to hold this Fright Night to raise money for Renewable World.  Renewable World provides affordable, renewable energy services to improve incomes, health and education in the developing world. Their vision is to help end extreme poverty and reduce climate change.

Our Fright Night will consist of a selection of frightful rooms to haunt our guests – a live action horror maze which will most definitely entice our guests to explore for more!

The fiends who will grace the Fright Night’s walk will accompany all students throughout the evening, leading them through the walk and its fearsome scenarios and bringing them back to reality at the end of the night.’


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