What’s On for Priory 6

Posted: 10th November 2016

The Week of Monday 14th November

Mr Salmon, Science Department, has prepared another programme of stimulating extra-curricular events for Priory 6 (and their parents!) for the week commencing Monday 14th November, with links attached.  If you need more information on any of the events, please do see Mr Salmon.

Explore the world of Doctor Who, the planet Earth, and the Universe; these are inspiring talks which will broaden your knowledge and educational experience!

Monday 14th November

A Quiet Day: so stay in and do some homework!


Tuesday 15th November

Global Biodiversity Debate: London Zoo, 6.00pm very student friendly. A bit fiddly to get there. https://www.zsl.org/science/whats-on/can-i-protect-the-planet-how-our-daily-decisions-impact-global-biodiversity-decline


Magic, Folk Medicine and Modern Drug Discovery: 5.45pm for 6.16pm, Society for the Chemical Industries, UCL branch, Chemistry Dept. Very student friendly.



Wednesday 16th November

Cancer Prevention: Whitty – a good speaker, 6.00pm, Gresham College at MOL



The Paris Climate Agreement: 5.00pm, UCL, Logan Hall. Good speaker; need to book



Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who: 6.30pm, IOP. Student friendly. Need to book.



Thursday 17th November

Form, Function and Fisheries: A bit niche! 6.00pm, Linnean Society



Our Window on the Universe: Rosalind Franklin lecture; aimed at female students.  6.30pm. Royal Society.

‘The night sky is fascinating to humans, giving us a window on space beyond our home on Earth. In this   lecture, Professor Dunkley will describe how we have come to better understand our Universe, and some of the big questions about space and time that we are trying to answer.’



Nature for Us?: Annual Grant Lecture.  6.30pm, UCL. Need to book.



Festival of the Humanities: Now until 25th Nov; many events, some very specialised, some not. Try it. School of Advanced Studies, Bloomsbury. http://beinghumanfestival.org/


Friday 18th November

Why is the Earth Habitable?:   Dr Philip Pogge Von Strandmann, Geochemistry Research Group, Birkbeck College

Good speaker. 6.30pm, UCL; tends to be crowded; turn up early.  Part of the UCL student lecture series. Free.



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