Training to serve at Mass

Posted: 10th November 2016

Juniors step forward

Our weekly Masses at St Augustine’s Priory are a source of great joy. We are fortunate to have our own Chapel and are so pleased and thankful that priests, for example, Fr Thomas from Ealing Abbey, or Fr Fintan from Our Lady of Lourdes, are happy to visit here to celebrate Mass for us.

We are also very glad that several of our pupils in the Senior school serve at Mass here, many of them serving in their own parishes on Sundays.   This term, we decided to ask if any Junior pupils would like to train to serve at Mass and it was great to hear that, yes, they did!

Mrs Tippen, Deputy Head, Juniors, is therefore running weekly training sessions and our trainees, from Lower II and Upper II, will soon be working alongside our team of Senior school Altar Servers.


Pope Francis has spoken on the work of the Altar Server, saying that serving at the altar is a privileged way to draw closer to Jesus, which in turn “enables you to open yourselves to others, to journey together, to set demanding goals and to find the strength to achieve them.”

He also said, “The closer you are to the altar, the more you will remember to speak with Jesus in daily prayer; the more you will be nourished by the word and the body of the Lord, the better able you will be to go out to others, bringing them the gift that you have received, giving in turn with enthusiasm the joy you have received.”


Prayer for Altar Servers before Mass

Oh Jesus, my King and Lord,

by the grace of the heavenly Father

and the power of the Holy Spirit,

guide me in all righteousness

as I serve You today at the Altar

so I may be always worthy of Your presence.

If I happen to make an error,

may it be a lesson

so my service will be perfect tomorrow.

Jesus, I love you with all my heart.


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