Apple Week

Posted: 10th November 2016

Healthy Eating at St Augustine’s Priory

The humble apple has for thousands of years wormed its way into our hearts and our stomachs. And this week has seen Holroyd Howe, our school caterers, seek to enlighten us on all things apple.


With a display in the cloisters of a variety of apple varieties and a menu full of apple recipes, this great fruit is playing a large part in our digestive lives!

From apple strudel, apple turnovers, apple crumble to soup with apple and apples in the fruit bowl, the menus this week emphasise the part this fruit plays in our lives.


So whether you are a fan of the Albemarle Pippin, Golden Delicious or Cox’s, this flavoursome fruit is a wonderful and delicious way to supplement your five a day!


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