The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

Posted: 6th October 2016

Mercenary Mayhem

Aoife Pedreschi, Lower V Alpha, reports on the recent theatre visit to ‘The Comedy About a Bank Robbery’:

‘On Wednesday 28th September 2016, the GCSE drama students visited the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. It was there that we saw ‘The Comedy about a Bank Robbery’, directed by Mark Bell, and performed by Mischief Theatre. The play featured slapstick comedy and farce that required very complicated choreographed comedy, staging and acting. Ramona in Lower V Alpha said ‘I really enjoyed the fact that they made such a funny scene out of a bad situation.’ A comedy of errors ran throughout the play, resulting in the audience laughing at its progressing mayhem. Karina in Lower VA said ‘I really liked the set design and how they showed what it’s like in Minneapolis at night.’


The set of the play was cleverly transformed throughout during live singing skilfully conveying the charming 50s/60s context.   Mrs Sumpter, PA to the Headmistress said, “The jokes come thick and fast, many are corny but the actors are so enthusiastic and talented and there is so much theatrical set invention that even the most overused gag earns its keep.” Overall, it was an amazing play that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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