Prep I and the Magic Beans

Posted: 4th October 2016

‘Ooh la la!’

Magic yes, but not the kind that will sprout a giant beanstalk.  In the Prep Playground last Friday morning, Mr Alejandro was heard calling out different types of beans to Prep I, who in response would run, jump, wiggle or freeze accordingly.  As if this wasn’t curious enough, the girls would sporadically and simultaneously squeak, “Ooh la la!”.  As it turns out, the class were playing ‘Magic Beans’, a warm up activity and memory game similar to Simon Says whereby participants carry out an appropriate response to a certain command.


Runner Beans

Friday’s PE Lesson involved runner beans running around, jumping beans jumping, baked beans lounging motionless on the floor, and French beans declaring a flamboyant “Ooh la la!”.  Adorable to watch and highly enjoyable to participate in.  Lucy Swain, Alumna and now an Early Years Speech and Language Therapist, says that the game “supports social interaction and develops attention and listening skills”.


Baked Beans

Mrs Keane said, “All parties were happy and they all enjoyed themselves”.


Jumping Beans


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