Upper V and Priory6 visit the Tate Modern

Posted: 28th September 2016

A stimulating environment

Stimulating intellectual curiosity is part of everyday life at St Augustine’s Priory and the Art Department is no exception in leading the way in making opportunities for academic and creative development.

On Tuesday 20th September Miss Eng, Head of Art, accompanied Art and Photography students from Upper V to Upper VI to enjoy a multi-sensory visit trip to the Tate Modern.  This included a visit to the Tate’s newly opened extension ‘Switch House’, and the girls were fascinated by the performance and event space ‘The Tanks’.


Miss Eng said, ‘The visit began with girls opening their eyes to art around London, spotting reflective sculptures near to St Paul’s Cathedral, and chewing gum paintings on the Millennium Bridge.

Having changed all its permanent exhibitions, the original ‘Boiler House’ still felt new to current Sixth Formers who remember the Tate Modern visit fondly from two years ago, with students marvelling over sculptures created from materials as diverse as human hair and hessian sacks.’


Nicoletta Bencka, Upper VI, commented, “It was really interesting to see how far artists are willing to push the boundaries. It was a fantastic day! ”

Particular highlights of the ‘Switch House’ included the Artist Rooms featuring the sensitive and arresting works of Louise Bourgeois and interactive sculptures where students admired reinvented spaces and mechanisms.


Roisin Moore, Upper VI, remarked, “I liked how the new extension supports all forms of art, as well as the discovery of new artists” while Aneae Rodriguez, Upper VI, said, “The Tanks and the liquid crystal dark rooms with fascinating lighting was so atmospheric and enjoyable.” Isabella Ju, Upper V, agreed, saying, “I’m really interested in the lighting in The Tanks extension.”

Mackenzie Parry-Bull of Upper VI commented that “There was a lot of challenging artwork in the new exhibition space”


Students recorded their findings through drawing and photographs, and we look forward to seeing these new influences in their work in the coming term.

Creative Industries Prefect Sophie Routledge said “I loved how there was a mix of 2D and 3D works. Really thought- provoking art.”  We will hear more from her soon on the Creative Industries blog she will be running this year with her Priory6 team.’


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