Peace and Language

Posted: 28th September 2016

A Prayer for Peace


Lower IV A concluded their assembly this Monday, 26th September, with an extract from David Tonghou Ngong’s ‘A Prayer for Peace’.  The extract, which appears below, calls to mind last week’s International Day of Peace and the longing for the establishment of peace in areas of conflict around the world.  Monday 26th September was the European Day of Languages and the girls exhibited their understanding of both days by sharing this prayer for peace.


Dear God

We hear of peace only as a dream;

A dream we would love to be part of,

A dream we long to have in our hearts, in our neighbourhoods,

In our countries, and even in our churches.

We pray this morning, Dear God

That we may experience that peace

That passes all understanding

We pray, O God, that we may experience You,

The Peace of the world.


Encouraging bilingualism is a main factor in the European Day of Languages, and through this, enabling us to develop a better understanding of each other’s cultures. Learning about other cultures can go a long way in creating successful relationships, as has been noted by General Thorbjørn Jagland, Council of Europe Secretary.

Secretary General Jagland said this year, “Europe’s nations are always at their strongest and most prosperous when we are open and outward-facing, willing to embrace other ways of life, and when we welcome those who can contribute to our societies. By pausing to celebrate the dozens of languages spoken across our communities we can send a powerful message: that Europe is a place where all backgrounds are welcome and individuals of every heritage can feel at home”.


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