Vive La Viande!

Posted: 20th September 2016

Sourcing our food

The excellence of the quality of the food prepared and served to St Augustine’s Priory pupils and staff is of primary importance to our school caterers, Holroyd Howe, and it is of great educational value to explain to pupils where our food comes from and how it ends up on our plates.

Therefore, today, Tuesday 20th September, we welcomed British Premium Meats to the school.  Hosted by Holroyd Howe, Ms Frankie Rhodes from British Premium Meats set up a display in the cloisters to show examples of how the meat we eat starts out as cuts of meat and can then either be enjoyed as our Sunday roast dinner or be diced and minced and perhaps become meat balls, sausages, or burgers.


Ms Rhodes explained that British Premium Meats is a family firm and works directly with the farmers who supply the meat. There is a rigorous selection process to ensure the best welfare of the animals and that the best quality meat is supplied.


Our Chef, Louis, and Ms Rhodes were on hand to explain the processes involved and answer any questions our pupils wanted to ask. The Juniors were especially keen for information on the meat displayed and asked some challenging questions!


Ms Rhodes commented, ‘I am honoured to be given the opportunity to display and talk about our products at St Augustine’s Priory’.

Thank you to Holroyd Howe and Ms Rhodes from British Premium Meats for presenting such an informative display here today.


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