A welcome guest…

Posted: 14th September 2016

A welcome guest…

Groucho the rabbit makes an appearance

A special visitor arrived at St Augustine’s Priory on Tuesday 13th September.  Groucho the rabbit, who has been to St Augustine’s Priory over several years is owned by Lucy Bennet, past pupil and daughter of Mrs Bennet, Head of Maths.


This year Groucho, accompanied by Lucy, paid a visit to the Nursery where he was welcomed by all the pupils who took advantage of Groucho’s visit to discover the answers to questions such as ‘What does Groucho eat?’, ‘What does he sleep on?’ and ‘Does he need a pillow?’ Groucho does like carrots, but is not keen on kale, he sleeps on straw and no, he does not need a pillow as the straw gives him all the support he needs!

Groucho was kind enough to agree to be held and stroked very gently by all those in Nursery and enjoyed his visit immensely.


After his visit to the Nursery, Lucy Bennet took him to visit Lower II who, all dressed up for Dahlicious Dressing Up Day, were learning about God’s gifts to us. These gifts include our lives, our friends, our parents and the nature which surrounds us including insects, trees and, of course, Groucho.


Groucho was again pleased to be stroked by all the girls in Lower II who were very careful with such a little rabbit!


Mrs Bennet, Head of Maths, commented ‘It is wonderful to see the children’s excitement when we open the box and Groucho pops out!’



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