Priory 6

Posted: 9th September 2016

Priory 6, the new Sixth Form of St Augustine’s Priory, was a hive of excitement on the morning of Friday 2nd September, when Lower VI students heard presentations from Ms Hagerty, Director of Sixth Form and Head Girl, Erin Costello.

In rather comfortable chairs in their newly refurbished Common Room, students listened to details of a comprehensive careers programme that will include regular guest speakers from a variety of industries, a weekly co-curricular programme, financial capability coaching and residential trips.


As our alumnae continue to fly the nest in order to take up offers at universities across the UK, these opportunities inform the girls’ understanding of that which early adult life holds in store for them. Careers speakers will provide an in-depth account of the day-to-day realities of certain roles, particularly those to which our students commonly aspire. The co-curricular sessions will provide exposure to a wide range of activities, which develop valuable life-skills such as media production, stewardship and entrepreneurship, beyond a classroom environment.

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These new skills-based activities will run alongside an exciting schedule of residential trips that will undoubtedly develop the leadership abilities of our young women, reflecting the spirit of courage that runs through our school.

Of course a new café area and media suite make for a modern, safe environment, conducive to sitting together as a group and exploring new opportunities. However, it was not long after Ms Hagerty’s presentation that the time for sitting was abruptly ended, by the somewhat contagious energy of Head Girl, Erin Costello. On their feet and engaged in a ‘personality exercise’, girls explored the motivations and character traits of themselves and their peers. The purpose of this was to think about the different approaches we all take to our work and how one might better learn, and support the learning of others, by being more mindful of our natural gifts.


It was an engaging, fun way to end the session and a great way to illustrate the merit of a collaborative approach. Students left with enthusiasm to prepare for their first Monday back at St Augustine’s Priory and their first step into Priory 6.


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