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Posted: 8th July 2016

Pupils raise money for Acton Homeless Concern. 

Pupils of Upper II yesterday welcomed our guest, Ian Breen, manager of local charity Acton Homeless Concern, the mission of which “is to provide advice and support for those who need shelter and hope”. Mr Breen visited St Augustine’s Priory to discuss the challenges facing the increasing number of homeless people in and around Ealing and to learn of the hard work our girls have undertaken to raise awareness and funds to support the charity’s work.

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Mr Breen spoke passionately about the kinds of support that we are all capable of providing to those less fortunate, from volunteering in a soup kitchen, running fundraising initiatives and educating ourselves about these issues; simply being mindful of the needs of fellow human beings. Upper II then regaled Mr Breen with the events of the past two weeks, through which they had sought to do just that.

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On 24th June Upper II made an unusual twist to their annual den day adventure. Instead of creating dens in and around our grounds, pupils fashioned makeshift temporary shelters out of cardboard boxes. In these boxes the girls remained for the duration of the day. The purpose of the exercise was to consider the plight of our neighbours, whom for one reason or another, have found themselves without a home.

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Alongside this awareness raising initiative, girls set up a medley of stalls and displays to aid their selling of wares – most of which were handmade – to peers across the school. In addition to the many colourful examples of friendship bracelets, biscuits and cakes, hairbands and recycled keyrings, girls retailed services from palm-reading, lessons in playing the harp, performing a rendition of ‘Money Money Money’ by ABBA and even busking using an oboe and French horn.

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In addition to raising the girls’ awareness of life without luxuries (only conservative portions of plain food were available) and the importance of being resourceful, sponsorship of the event by pupils’ families and friends resulted in an influx of money that will do much for those who need it most.

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Although the pennies are still rolling in, Mrs Tippen, Deputy Head, Juniors, presented Mr Breen with a cheque for the sum of £1,228. When one considers that Acton Homeless Concern is able to provide a meal for someone at a cost price circa 50 pence, it is clear that the sum raised by our pupils will have a significant and tangible impact on the lives of many.

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Mr Breen thanked the girls for their efforts and encouraged them to visit their centre at Emmaus House with their parents, to witness the good they have achieved. Mrs Farmer, Upper II Form Tutor, commented “We are proud of the girls’ conscientiousness and the maturity with which they approached an issue that is widely misunderstood and ignored. This exercise has improved pupils’ understanding of an important societal issue and we are all grateful to Mr Breen for visiting St Augustine’s Priory and speaking with such empathy”.

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