Space Seeds part 2

Posted: 1st July 2016

STEM: the results of a unique voyage

On 6th May we wrote of an exciting Space Seeds project, in which pupils took part in a national initiative called ‘Rocket Science’, a collaborative project between the Royal Horticultural Society and the UK Space Agency. Form III enjoyed planting the seeds back in May and have since found cause for further intrigue; astronaut Tim Peake, reveals which seeds had indeed ventured into space. Here Teacher of Biology, Ms Varrow, explains…



“After weeks of growing the rocket seeds and recording the results, Form III A and Alpha analysed the data to predict which seeds had gone up to the International Space Station and experienced microgravity with Tim Peake. Our results show that the percentage of seeds germinating was higher in those from the red packet. The seeds from the red packet also experienced a generally better growth than those from the blue packet.

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“The majority of Form III pupils predicted that the blue packet of seeds went up to space.

“Form III predicted correctly: it has been announced that the seeds that travelled to space were in the blue packet!

“The news comes shortly after Tim Peake returned safely to Earth alongside his crewmates Yuri Malenchenko and Timothy Kopra, on 18th June. The team had spent over six months living and working on board the International Space Station. Last week he revealed the answer we have all been waiting for!

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“Soon we will be finding out if other schools had similar results to ours. In the meantime the girls have been busy presenting that which we have learned during this unique experiment”.

Congratulations Form III Scientists for a job well done. We look forward to your next investigation!

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