Sixth Form Theatre Company, Priory Players

Posted: 27th June 2016

Playlet in the Park

In last week’s Newsletter Rebecca Shoesmith, Lower VI, told us about the Sixth Form Theatre Company, Priory Players, and their planned performance in Walpole Park on Saturday 25th June.  This show was a short, physical comedy set in a sweet shop, devised and performed by four Sixth Formers, Claudia Bergin, Sophie Routledge, Amy-Elizabeth Roye and Rebecca Shoesmith.


Here, Ms Brown, Head of Drama, tells us about the performances of the Priory Players’ Playlet in the Park:

‘The Priory Players Playlet in the Park was a really lovely event.  The Sixth Form girls were thoroughly professional and demonstrated great courage in gathering parents and young children from the neighbouring swings to be audience members and they persevered through rain showers and building work noise.



Passersby were very curious and stopped to watch and talk to us about what we were doing.  After the final show, a man asked us if we performed there regularly, as his daughter wanted to watch again.  It was fantastic to see some familiar faces from St Augustine’s Priory come to support us.  Walpole Park was a brilliant venue and we would definitely look to repeat the event, using this experience and building on it.’

Thank you to the Priory Players and Ms Brown  – we look forward to hearing about the Priory Players’ next production.


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