Keeping brains active over the summer

Posted: 27th June 2016

The TED-Ed Challenge

Miss Hayden, Head of Physics, informs us how to keep brains active and challenged over the long summer holidays!

‘The end of the school year approaches, and that means summer holidays! Holidays give us all a chance to relax after a year of hard work. Unfortunately however, our brains can become a little TOO relaxed, making the return to school a bit of a challenge. Fear not though, for now you can keep your brain in tip-top shape in preparation for the next school year.


TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative – they celebrate the ideas of teachers and students throughout the world. One of the ways they do this is by creating short animated videos about various topics from art, to history, to science. These videos are paired up with questions and resources to create TED-Ed Lessons. TED-Ed have created a July challenge: from 1st July they will send out a lesson every day – a video to watch followed by questions to answer.

If you want to take part follow this link and sign up at the bottom of the page:

Happy brain training!’


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