The EU Referendum

Posted: 24th June 2016

How St Augustine’s Priory participated

With the votes in and the results announced from the EU Referendum, the results of the St Augustine’s Priory EU Referendum were announced at Assembly this morning.  Both students and staff had voted in our referendum and in a packed Chapel we heard that we had overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, reflecting the results from the London region.  The patterns of voting in the school were analysed and after considering the implications we asked what happens next?



Claudia Bergin, Lower VI, looks at how pupils from St Augustine’s Priory participated in the debate and held their own vote on the EU.

‘During this monumental week St Augustine’s Priory brought the once in a generation EU Referendum to the forefront of school life. Girls from Upper II all the way up to the Sixth Form were able to have their say on the controversial and enormously significant issue that is Britain’s membership of the EU.




Our week began with a Sixth Form debate in which passionate discussion was had between girls supporting both the leave and remain campaigns. Additionally, all girls from Upper II upwards were able to participate in our very own school referendum, each receiving a ballot with which to cast their vote. Boards all over the school displayed key arguments from both sides of the debate, leading to impassioned and informed discussion both in and out of lessons.

With most girls not able to participate in the actual referendum, this week was an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable way to get involved and have our say in one of the most important decisions that will be made in our generation.’



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